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Gas Pizza Ovens

ADA PPG gas pizza ovens are made of AISI 304 acid-proof stainless steel and reliable Italian components. Certified ADA Gastrogaz pizza ovens are available in versions with one and two chambers. Each of the oven chambers is lined with a split chamotte plate and has halogen lighting and its own steel door, which, depending on the customer’s request, has a hardened glass window.

Gas burners are fired thanks to the magneto – piezoelectric igniter, which guarantees the speed and safety of starting and using the device. ADA PPG pizza ovens have a full range of temperature regulation inside the heating chambers – from 50 to 450 ° C, the temperature is controlled by the user using the thermoregulator knob and the dial thermometer indications located on the control panel. In the lower part of the device, there are gas burners that emit heat, which is evenly distributed throughout all zones of the oven’s heating chambers by means of internal heat channels. The steam exhaust chimney is located at the top of the appliance.

Each of our devices has protections that protect them from getting too high temperature and overheating, such as a maximum temperature limiter. Our pizza ovens are CE certified.
ADA Gastrogaz gas-fired pizza ovens can be fired with natural or liquid gas.

Download Manual – Gas Pizza Oven ADA PPG

Gas Pizza Oven ADA PPG 4-9 (1 heating chamber)

Technical data
Thermal power [kW] 15,5 12,5 25
Propane gas consumption [kg/h] 1,02 0,89 1,45
Natural gas consumption [m3/h] 1,61 1,4 2,5
Dimensions [mm] 990 x 760 x 600 990 x 1060 x 600 1290 x 1060 x 600
Heating chamber dim. [mm] 620 x 620 620 x 920 920×920
Number of pizzas [pc.] 4 x pizza ø 30cm 6 x pizza ø 30cm 9 x pizza ø 30cm
Lighting Halogen Halogen Halogen

Gas Pizza Oven ADA PPG 2×4-9 (2 heating chambers)

Technical data ADA PPG 2×4 ADA PPG 2×6 ADA PPG 2×9
Thermal power [kW] 15,5 25 37,5
Propane gas consumption [kg/h] 1,02 1,68 2,4
Natural gas consumption [m3/h] 1,61 2,65 3,5
Dimensions [mm] 990 x 760 x 800 990 x 1060 x 800 1290 x 1060 x 800
Heating chamber dim. [mm] 2 x (620 x 620) 2 x (620 x 920) 2 x (920 x 920)
Number of pizzas [pc.] 2 x 4 pizza ø 30cm 2 x 6 pizza ø 30cm 2 x 9 pizza ø 30cm
Lighting Halogen Halogen Halogen