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Electric Pressure Fryer

The electric pressure fryer ADA SCE 12 is an appliance intended for preparing dishes in hot oil under pressure. It is used in food industry, but mainly in gastronomy.
The fryer is especially fitted to fry meat products ( poultry, pork, fish) in special coating but they can be prepared without it as well. You can also use the fryer to prepare toasts, doughnuts, chips etc.
In this type of pressure fryers you receive the final product crisp, crunchy and not saturated with oil. The pressure is obtained due to the release of natural moisture from the product. Due to the fact that steam builds up very quickly, the fried product retains most of its natural moisture.

Download Manual – Electric Pressure Fryer ADA SCE 12

Electric Pressure Fryer ADA SCE 12

Technical data ADA SCE 12
Dimensions [mm] 400 x 650 x 1000
Chamber capacity [l] 12
Maximum load [kg] 2,5
Pressure [MPa] 0,04
Working temperature [°C] 150 – 170
Heating power [kW] 5,8
Voltage [V] 400
Weight [kg] 57